Oscar Mendez, CEO, StratioOscar Mendez, CEO
Digital transformation is all about data and how to put data at the heart of a business’s culture centres around achieving better data quality and more valuable information to base decision-making on. Madrid-based Stratio is a Big Data and AI company that accompanies businesses on their journey through complete digital transformation. From data intelligence to agile methodologies, Stratio’s goal is to help the biggest sectors face the myriad of challenges and seize the opportunities that the digital revolution offers.

A complete overhaul of an incumbent’s architecture to adopt a data-centric approach will seem like a daunting feat. For this reason, Stratio proposes a single product that can gradually integrate a company’s existing systems and frameworks. Stratio Data Centric brings together the latest open source big data technologies, providing a platform that can overhaul the legacy architecture of big companies, in small, tactical steps.

“Stratio Data Centric is a purely multitenant platform that governs and manages data from multiple sources,” says Oscar Mendez, CEO of Stratio. It revolutionises the application-centric model through a unique interface that guarantees data consistency and provides a unified vision and advanced intelligence for a myriad of use cases. Stratio Data Centric brings together the analytical and operational capabilities of the enterprise, enabling data intelligence for real-time operations.

Stratio Data Centric is a purely multitenant platform that governs and manages data from multiple sources

This unique product allows users to apply AI and to manage (analyse, visualise, and interpret) data in a simple working environment, with the programming language of their choice. It helps to improve internal decision-making processes based on accurate and timely information. Stratio Data Centric enables users to organise and explore data easily, highlighting its real value in a visual and intuitive layout. It allows users to display the value of the data via dashboards, reports or microsites by extracting it from different sources.

Furthermore, it enables an application to perform real-time analytics on large amounts of data before they get stored in one or more data stores. The user interface is ready to go without having to write any new lines of code, in real-time and in a constant flow. With Stratio’s Command Center, users can access, manage, and use all the different components of the product. This operations point offers a unified and unique vision of the whole product.

Thanks to Stratio DataCentric, leading companies can maintain their competitive edge and be disruptive in their sectors. Stratio DataCentric implements latest technological disruptions, raising clients to the level of the state-of-the-art technology used by digital dragons. Stratio Data Centric provides clients with the third-generation Big Data technology needed to transform. It allows users to see through the noise, giving real-time access to data intelligence. The product allows clients to adapt rapidly and evolve with their customer, thus maintaining a competitive edge.

The company’s products and services are primarily used by large corporations that have a high volume of data and are looking to become digital, especially in the areas of banking, insurance, healthcare, telco, retail, energy, and media. Stratio is committed to helping leading organisations transform and build their digital strategy around Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Stratio’s values are honesty and work ethic, which go hand in hand with its relentless quest for value creation. Stratio was founded in January 2014 by a team of seasoned engineers, designers, and technology consultants and has grown from a team of 15 to 400. The firm is headquartered in downtown Palo Alto, CA, with offices in Europe, including its largest office in Madrid. Stratio also has establishments in Bogota, Sao Paulo, and Vancouver.

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