Carlos Alves, CEO and Leadership team , Bring GlobalCarlos Alves, CEO and Leadership team
When it comes to the digital transformation of legacy business processes, most organisations get swept by the buzzwords and rush into it without a well-defined plan or any means to measure the success of the changes. While some organisations might see initial success, a majority of them struggle in scaling and sustaining such a haphazard transformation effort. On the other hand, there are many organisations that are still sitting on the fence. They are not sure if it is the right time to execute a digital transformation program, or are worried that it may be forcing too much change on their teams.

What organisations need is to find a middle ground to embrace the true potential of digital transformation. This middle ground is found at the intersection of three main pillars of digital transformation: data, integration approach, and customer experience. And organisations can seamlessly reach this tough spot when they partner with Bring Global.

As a global go-to voice on digital banking and data solutions, Bring Global is dedicated to impacting millions of people’s lives by solving its clients’ challenging journey to digitalisation. To make that possible, the company harnesses some of the most notable trends in the market, like building digital customer engagement platforms and leveraging API-based integration platforms, and predictive and real-time analytics to open new opportunities for its clients to drive business growth. However, Bring Global is also of the belief that the business value of a company cannot be fully unlocked through technology alone; it needs ‘the human factor’ to achieve more. “So, ‘inspired by people’ is our motto and compass,” says Carlos Alves, CEO of Bring Global. Utilising this combination of cutting-edge technology and Bring Global’s business acumen, the company helps business organisations achieve tangible impacts on their digitalisation endeavours.

We ‘bring’ highly specialised global resources to the (local) geographies where our customers are

Adjacently, what makes Bring Global a cut above the rest is its unique and perfect mix of being global and local at the same time. “We ‘bring’ highly specialised global resources to the (local) geographies where our customers are. Our local presence enables us to be close to our clients, create customer intimacy, and deliver solutions and services through people that understand the particular requirements of local markets,” explains Alves. And, since the company favours a near-shore model of engagement, it has allowed them to deliver seamlessly even during this trying time, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is leveraging its several competency centres across the world (including Lisbon, Azores, Kenya and Colombia) to help its clients thrive in a new world where ‘digital’ and ‘data’ is becoming more important than ever.

This ‘glocal’ approach of the company is especially helpful for its banking and financial sector clients, which has to abide by very stringent, unique, and country-specific regulations. In fact, for its banking clients, Bring Global is not just content by merely addressing their digital transformation challenges. It is also helping the banks reshape their customer experience in the digital and physical space, and it is doing so by keeping a (far-thinking) eye on how banking services will be offered in the coming years. To achieve that, Bring Global is decoupling the digital layer from the legacy part of the bank by creating a two-speed architecture that is allowing business users to move forward with the digital agenda independently of the legacy part of the bank. Apart from providing more efficient channels to customers and improving customer experience, these efforts of Bring Global is also creating more cost-effective technologies for a bank’s back-end operations with new and innovative banking services and products.

As a testament to this robust digitalisation approach, Alves shares his company’s success stories while working for Capital Bank of Jordan and the National Bank of Iraq. For both of these esteemed banks, Bring Global helped them overcome all cultural and technological challenges and build eight different digital banking channels (web and mobile) for both Retail and Corporate in English and Arabic within a striking deadline of 12 months.

This is but a few of the instances where Bring Global’s transformative digitalisation endeavours have triumphantly solved its clients’ challenges and propelled them light-years ahead on their journey to success. And in this continuing pursuit to solve its clients’ setbacks, a feature that truly distinguishes Bring Global is its ‘human-centric’ philosophy. Simultaneously, the company’s strong industry domain knowledge in areas like Banking and Telco, coupled with its very transformational culture and way of working, makes them a highly flexible partner for companies in their digital makeover pathway. “More importantly, we look at every new project with a true partnership spirit that aims to build long-term relations, and so we always approach any project as if our life depends on it; that is and will always be our mantra of steering success,” concludes Alves.

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